We have developed a ground register made of graphite, which stores heat in the garden, next to the basement excavation or in the garage foundation. Graphite conducts heat 160 times faster than concrete or stone. But you know, every object is different and that is why I am very interested in your current problems.

As a reference, we present you the object Wenzikon under the item "References". We build such an ice storage with 200 m3 in only three days! At the same time, its capacity corresponds to an earth probe of 2'100 m length. However, it has the advantage that it is accessible for repairs at any time.

In Wenzikon, as a total contractor, we supplied all the solar systems, heat pumps incl. batteries and car charging stations and also installed some of them ourselves. The cooling of the attic with clay wall radiators is particularly innovative. Thereby also the humidity is comfortably regulated.

For all objects, we carry out a standardized expertise and a dynamic system assessment. In doing so, we calculate all possible sources, storage facilities and consumers and determine the optimal size and performance of the individual components together with the customer. In doing so, we balance the thermal and electrical energy flows on a monthly basis.

Of course, we are also strong in control: As electrical engineers, we have developed a system that learns from measurement data and becomes more economical every year with innovative algorithms. We monitor and support all our properties throughout their entire service life. We find and correct faults or problems even before the customer notices anything. Following the insurance principle, our customers benefit from updates of new algorithms that we have developed and tested with individual customers.