Our vision

We seek solutions for sustainable use of energy and resources.
We develop technology to save energy and resources in companies.
We create a new awareness for nature and atmosphere.
We have a big goal and the courage to change.


RINO Electronics AG was founded in 2010 by Remo Ritzmann. As an electrical engineer and entrepreneur, his goal is to develop alternative energy solutions that are implemented efficiently and result in minimal operating costs. Sustainability and longevity are in the foreground.

Many projects involve social commitment, such as the "" recycling flashlight. Environmental protection also comes into play - for example with the patchwork solar power battery storage on Many products are innovative, such as the passive cooling technology in Indian schools.

In addition to the main ice storage project ("Hydrobus"), RINO has expertise in control engineering, high frequency engineering, communications engineering, digital signal processing and control systems with computer modeling.

RINO Electronics AG has 11 employees.