Energy supply for large farmhouses

Combination of hybrid solar modules with ground register and ice store

The test object "Sunnegg" was built around 1840. After the replacement of the stable section, it has 23 rooms for about 16 people. With controlled room air, thermally activated ceilings and underfloor heating, heating is efficiently provided at low temperatures. The heat is drawn from the water of the existing manure pit with solar power via a heat pump. In winter, the 150m3 cool down to 0° C and freeze. In summer, the ice is thawed via hybrid collectors (PVT) and heated up to 25° C. The storage capacity of such a slurry pit ice reservoir covers a large part of the heating and hot water. Thanks to this seasonal storage, the free summer heat can be used cheaply in winter and even cools surrounding houses in summer.

Project planning is supported by a CTI Innovation Check.