The Pfunzle is still being manufactured. You can obtain it from our distribution partner

The aim of is to create jobs and employment. With your self-designed LED flashlight you make it easier for unemployed and disabled people to enter the working world. With a 9-volt battery, the Pfunzle provides over 100 hours of light! This is how we ensure longer operating times and consistent environmental protection. So do not dispose of 9V batteries until they have been completely sucked dry with a Pfunzle! Production takes place at the Brühlgut Foundation in Winterthur.

For our social enterprise, we made the injection mold ourselves: "Fascinated by the visibility of the current in the LEDs, I milled a 45 kg mold with fellow students, from which the Pfunzle was created."
Remo Ritzmann, inventor of the Pfunzle and Managing Director of RINO Electronics AG