Storing electricity with recycled batteries

We turn recycled batteries into a powerful 48 volt battery. That is real upcycling! With this, we are creating by far the cheapest electricity storage currently available.

Any functions can be integrated, for example load controls for switching sockets for the electric car, the hot water boiler or the heat pump to increase self-consumption.


The single-phase power storage unit "Patchwork-20" and the three-phase power storage unit "Patchwork-40" are connected directly to the electrical panel by the electrician.


All three power storage systems form reliable battery systems in which individual batteries can be replaced during operation.

Due to the innovative parallel operation, different battery types, such as lead or LiFePo4 batteries, can be used. It does not matter whether these are old or new and whether they are of large or small capacity.

The RINO battery systems are connected to the 230V building grid and are therefore independent of existing solar inverter technologies.