Heating system with heat pump and ice storage tank

Creation of a system for the extraction, storage and utilisation of energy for the Schwalbenhof apartment building.
Use and control of the different temperature levels based on energy shifting and not generation.

The apartment building with ice storage, solar heat and solar power

The energy distribution systems use
the renewable energy principle with, among other things,
the use of photovoltaic solar modules, hot water solar collectors, ground register, fresh water station and an ice storage tank.

The electricity produced by means of PV solar modules is temporarily stored in the CO2-neutral RINO battery storage units Patchwork-20 and Patchwork-40 and used as needed, e.g. by the heat pump or electric cars, and any surplus is sold to the electricity grid.

Heating and cooling

Low heating temperatures and cooling in summer are achieved thanks to a clever combination of radiators and thermally activated concrete substance.

Patchwork battery storage with 20 or 40 recycling solar batteries

The RINO battery network with individual monitoring forms a reliable battery system in which individual batteries can be replaced during operation.
Due to the innovative parallel operation, different battery types, such as lead batteries, can be used. It does not matter whether these are old or new, with large or small capacity.

Storage technologies in use

Two 800 l storage tanks with heat exchangers in the basement provide fast energy.
The RINO graphite earth registers store heat for weeks and ensure an increased annual performance factor.
The RINO ice storage tank lasts for months and provides high output.